The NPC Southern States Championships are known for its illustrious judging panels. We try to bring in the top officials in the industry from around the country to ensure the highly competitive competition is fair and for our contestants with ambitions of the next level to get in front of the judges who will be at nationals and at the IFBB Pro League shows.  This year we continue this trend with a few new faces to our Florida Competitions.

It can only benefit a competitor to be evaluated by the best judges and pick their brains on how to correct their current package (whether its in one’s physique or their posing presentation).  Sometimes all it takes is to make a good impression here at the Southern States Championships to be remembered later down the road when you see one of the judges at a future event.


NPC Florida & Zone III Chairman  |  2019 – Current
NPC Puerto Rico Chairman  |  2014 – Current
IFBB Pro League International Judge  |  2017 – Current
IFBB Pro League Head Judge & Official  |  2016 – Current
Olympia Judge  |  2015 – Current
IFBB Pro League Judge  |  2008 – Current
NPC National Judge  |  2002 – Current


Tim competed in the NPC in Men’s Bodybuilding from 1988 till 1998.  Gardner competed successfully in his 10 year span collecitng bodybuilding titles throughout the local, state and regional levels, while eventually cracking the top 8 in the National rankings.   After retiring in 1998 he started judging and promoting shows. His first show, the HURRICANE & TYPHOON BAY is going on its 20th year.  In his spare time he is the owner of the BEV STORE as well as TIM GARDNER PRODUCTIONS.

Southern States Memory:

“While competing in the 1998 Southern States, Emcee, Mike Katz brought my son Brett on stage during the awards ceremony. It was his 10th Birthday and it was a very special moment for both of us. This was the last show I competed in, as I retired right there in that moment.”  In addition, Tim was awarded our prestigious Gene Massey Award for this contributions to the sport in 2000.


Mr. Olympia Judge  |  
IFBB Pro League Judge  | 
NPC National Judge  |  



Hnatyschak started competing in the NPC at the age of 23 in New Jersey and competed for 12 years.  In 1984 he won Nationals and the Mr. Universe. He then became a judge and has been doing so in the NPC and IFBB Pro League for over 30 years.  John was also the promoter of the BLUE RIDGE CLASSIC in Virginia.  He now travels the world with the IFBB Pro League

Southern States Memory:

Guest posing for the Southern States in 1985.  John has judged the show twice in his career.


NPC Broward County Chairman | 2014 – 2019
IFBB Pro League Judge  |  2009 – Current
NPC National Judge  |  2004 – Current
NPC Regional Judge  |  1993 – Current



Dr Pete was once an NPC competitor before he sat on a judges panel. He started to officiate in 1993 and 2019 will mark his 26th year as an NPC Official. At one time, Dr. Rhoden was the promoter of the SUPERIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS.  He now is the owner of his own practice, CROSS MEDICINE, where he is Dr. of Medicine and Acupuncture. He received the Alex Guerra Award in 2018.

Southern States Memory:

Dr. Peter Rhoden was awarded our prestigious Gene Massey Award for this contributions to the sport in 2007.