Hello wanted to share a bit of my story in the hopes it does inspire someone.  About 10 years ago I was very overweight unhealthy ate whatever I wanted slept whenever and just worked and ate. Woke up one day at 320 pounds. For years my closest friend tried getting me to go to the gym with him. NOPE! Hahahhaa. Then one day I moved to a new area, knew nobody and figured what the hell I’ll give it a go. Not knowing a thing about what I was doing went in and did the usual: bench,bicep curl and deadlifts. Did that for a while started really reading and truly digging into the whole fitness world. 6 months went by and I didn’t see much of an change at all. Decided at the end of my workout that I refused to get off the treadmill only when it said I burned 1000kcal. Ripped that out for about 4 months. Went from 320 to 230. Looked horrible so I truly got in tune with diet and proper training. Ever since then fitness has been a huge part of my life and daily routine. Then I met my wife. She suffers from a very detrimental case of endometriosis. Every time she was able to come to the gym she came with me. Her range of motions are limited so I found any and every way to modify exercises to suit her needs. She would have surgery and shortly after we would get back to rebuilding her body. She truly is my inspiration and the reason why I wake up and do what I do each and every day. The strength this woman has is unreal. After every surgery we have to go back to the drawing board because something is always different or has changed so I would modify her routines and bring her strength back every time. We’ve done this over ten times now. Over the years I have learned so much in this world along with her will to be strong again if she can get back up every time anyone can.  (I know this is a very short version don’t know how much I can actually put in here). Fast forward to 2017 I suffered a horrible injury I was shot in the foot with a rifle. At point blank range. Was off my feet for 4 months and I ate whatever I wanted. Almost sort of gave up so to speak. Once I got walking again I got back in the gym whether I came here in my wheel chair or on crutches I was here. Rebuilt myself once again and now i have my eyes to compete in your show. I have been prepping to do a show for a while and no matter what my wife’s health comes first. As of now things are on a steady path and I plan to bring everything I got on July 13. To this day I still limp I’m still dealing with a broken foot but I get Into this gym good days or bad days. I hope this does peak someone’s interest and if you would like more information please reach out to me I will gladly share more.  Attaching a few photos and you can use whatever you want to.  Thank you